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HOG MOLLY, Tad Doyle’s other band after the demise of the band TAD unleashes ”Kung-Fu Cocktail Grip", originally released on CD only. Recorded and produced by the legendary Jack Endino. Some thirteen years later after the seminal recording was released, it has been recently remastered by Tad Doyle himself breathing in new life, sonic girth, and a much needed low-end enhancement and treatment. KFCG is fifteen songs with unique lyrical content ranging from angst-ridden tales of the horrors of living and dying in the modern world, to growing up in rural North America leaving broken families behind, to discovering the meaning of being truly alone in an ocean of people amidst depravity, crime and psychosis.

released March 13, 2014

Engineered and Produced by Jack Endino
Recorded at Private Radio in Seattle
Remastered by Tad Doyle at Witch Ape Studios / Skyway Audio Seattle 2014

Tad Doyle / guitars and vocals
Tyson Garcia / bass
Jason Jacobs / drums